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Version: v4.6

Stencil Core CLI API

The CLI API can be found at @stencil/core/cli and ran by bin/stencil.


createNodeLogger(process: any): Logger

Creates a "logger", based off of NodeJS APIs, that will be used by the compiler and dev-server. By default the CLI uses this method to create the NodeJS logger. The NodeJS "process" object should be provided as the first argument.


createNodeSystem(process: any): CompilerSystem

Creates the "system", based off of NodeJS APIs, used by the compiler. This includes any and all file system reads and writes using NodeJS. The compiler itself is unaware of Node's fs module. Other system APIs include any use of crypto to hash content. The NodeJS "process" object should be provided as the first argument.


parseFlags(args: string[]): ConfigFlags

Used by the CLI to parse command-line arguments into a typed ConfigFlags object. This is an example of how it's used internally: parseFlags(process.argv.slice(2)).


run(init: CliInitOptions): Promise<void>

Runs the CLI with the given options. This is used by Stencil's default bin/stencil file, but can be used externally too.


runTask(process: any, config: Config, task: TaskCommand,  sys?: CompilerSystem): Promise<void>

Runs individual tasks giving a NodeJS process, Stencil config, and task command. You can optionally pass in the sys that's used by the compiler. See createNodeSystem() for more details.