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Version: v4.18


Stencil plugins

By default, Stencil does not come with Sass or PostCSS support. However, either can be added using the plugins array.

import { Config } from '@stencil/core';
import { sass } from '@stencil/sass';

export const config: Config = {
plugins: [

Rollup plugins

The rollupPlugins config can be used to add your own Rollup plugins. Under the hood, stencil ships with some built-in plugins including node-resolve and commonjs, since the execution order of rollup plugins is important, stencil provides an API to inject custom plugin before node-resolve and after commonjs transform:

export const config = {
rollupPlugins: {
before: [
// Plugins injected before rollupNodeResolve()
after: [
// Plugins injected after commonjs()

Node Polyfills

See the Node Polyfills in Module bundling for other examples.