Browser Support

Stencil builds Web Components that run natively or near-natively in all widely used desktop and mobile browsers.

Chrome 60+
Safari 10.1+
Firefox 63+
Full native support
Edge 16+
IE 11
Support with bundled polyfills

Web Components are a set of standardized browser APIs centered around the Custom Elements v1 spec, a cross-browser way to define and create essentially new HTML tags, and is the successor to the now-defunct v0 spec.

Custom Elements are natively supported in Chrome, Firefox, and Safari (including iOS)! Support in Edge is currently in development.

For browsers without native support, a small polyfill helps developers use Custom Elements seamlessly and with little performance overhead.

Stencil uses a dynamic loader to load the custom elements polyfill only on browsers that need it. With this polyfill Stencil's browser support is Chrome (and all chrome based browsers), Safari, Firefox, Edge, and IE11.

Chrome 60+ Safari 10.1+ Firefox 63+ Edge 16+ IE 11+
CSS Variables
Custom Elements
Shadow Dom
ES Modules
Stencil compiles with polyfills for features not supported natively