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Build. Customize. Distribute. Adopt.

Stencil is a library for building reusable, scalable component libraries. Generate small, blazing fast Web Components that run everywhere.

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    With intentionally small tooling, a tiny API, and out-of-the-box configuration, Stencil gets out of the way and lets you focus.

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    A tiny runtime and the raw power of native Web Components make Stencil one of the fastest compilers around.

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    Future proof

    Build cross-framework component libraries on open web standards, and break free of Framework Churn.

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    Stencil components are just Web Components, so they will work with any major framework—or no framework at all.

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The magical, reusable web component compiler.

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    Web components

    Build modern, standards-compliant web components that work in any browser with slots, shadow DOM, and more.

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    Flexible output

    With flexible models for how you want to use your components, Stencil can optimize for treeshaking, loading, and more.

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    TypeScript support

    Stencil uses TypeScript, providing your components with type safety as your system scales.

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    Asynchronous rendering pipeline

    Ensure your components render smoothly with Stencil’s built-in asynchronous rendering pipeline.

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    Documentation generation

    Generate automatically-updated documentation from JSDoc comments that live close to the code

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    Stencil comes with all the dependencies and preset scripts you need to start building.

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    JSX support

    Describe your components using a well known templating syntax, with all the features of JavaScript available to you.

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    Intuitive developer experience

    With a fully-typed API, built-in hot reloading dev-server, and custom utils, Stencil offers an intuitive DX.

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    Component Libraries

    Build and publish interactive components and features that run on any site, built on any stack.

Component Libraries

The perfect tool for component libraries.

Ensure consistent UX and brand experiences at scale with components that run on any platform or device. Build custom UIs that work seamlessly across teams and projects.

Documentation →
tag: 'ds-text',
styleUrl: 'ds-text.css',
shadow: true,
export class Text {
render() {
return (
<slot name='ds-corp-text'>
Your Text Rendered Here

Framework Integrations

A single component library for all of your apps.

Stencil components are built to work with any major framework or no framework at all.

Web Components

It’s just Web Components.

Develop Web Components using established standard technologies and APIs, including Shadow DOM, custom elements, and slots.

Documentation →
import { Component, Listen, h } from '@stencil/core';
tag: 'huge-text-button',
styleUrl: 'huge-text-button.css',
shadow: true,
export class HugeTextButton {
@Listen('click', { capture: true })
handleClick(ev) {
console.log("I've been clicked!");
render() {
return (
<slot name='huge-button-text'>Click Me</slot>

Developer Experience

A great developer experience out of the box.

Project goals →
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    Generate maps from your TypeScript to the generated JavaScript for easy debugging.

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    Stencil comes with a great out of the box default configuration, while allowing you to change it.

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    Unit Testing

    Unit testing is built in to Stencil, including custom test matchers and configuration.

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    Code Generation

    Generate the code for a new component, styles, and tests with a single command.

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    Doc Generation

    Generate documentation directly from code comments, ensuring your docs are always up to date.

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    Stencil uses TypeScript, providing type safety and syntax highlighting in your favorite code editor.

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    Local Dev-Server

    Move faster with a local dev-server with hot module reloading. Make a change, see it instantly.

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    World-Class Docs

    Comprehensive documentation written by the Stencil team and the open source community.


Stencil is an open source project by Ionic. Join our growing community—everyone is welcome.