Stencil Config

The stencil.config.js file is where all Stencil configuration happens.

Here's an example configuration:

exports.config = {
  bundles: [
    { components: ['stencil-site', 'site-header', 'landing-page'] },
    { components: ['app-marked', 'getting-started', 'basics-components', 'compiler-config', 'what-is', 'code-splitting', 'stencil-ssr', 'site-menu'] },
    { components: ['demos-page'] }
  collections: [
    { name: '@stencil/router' }

Config entries

  • bundles

The bundles config is an array of objects that represent how components are grouped together in lazy-loaded bundles. It is important to note that every Stencil component be included in a bundle. In the example above, each object in the bundles array has its own components array, which is the HTML tag name for each component. In general, the simplest approach is to give each component its own bundle. A more advanced optimization would be grouping commonly used components together.

  • collections

The collections config specifies a list of third-party Stencil libraries. Since everything in Stencil is async and lazy loaded by default, it is important to NOT have any hard import statements linking components together. Any library listed in the list collections entry will be recognized and included in the application by the Stencil compiler. By default, the @stencil/router will be included.

  • publicPath, default value: /build

The publicPath config sets the client-side base path for all Stencil build assets, and it's usually best to have it start with /. Note that this only sets the base path the browser requests, but this does not set where files are saved during build. To change where files are saved at build time, use the buildDir config.

  • buildDir, default value: www/build

The buildDir config specifies where files are saved after each build. These are the public files which will be requested by the browser. To change the base path of the browser's request use the publicPath config.

  • serviceWorker

the serviceWorker config lets you customize the service worker that gets automatically generated by the Stencil compiler. You can set any of the values listed here in the Workbox documentation, to override our default service worker settings.

  • copy

the copy config specifies any files that you would like to get copied over to your buildDir when a build is performed.