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Version: v2


The extras config contains options to enable new/experimental features in Stencil, add & remove runtime for DOM features that require manipulations to polyfills, etc. For example, not all DOM APIs are fully polyfilled when using the Slot polyfill. Most of these are opt-in, since not all users require the additional runtime.

By default, Stencil does not work on IE11, Edge 18 and below (Edge before it moved to Chromium) and Safari 10. In order to support legacy browsers, the browsers would need to download and run polyfills. By using the extras config, apps can opt-in these additional runtime settings.

Example extras config when supporting legacy browsers:

export const config: Config = {
buildEs5: 'prod',
extras: {
cssVarsShim: true,
dynamicImportShim: true,
shadowDomShim: true,
safari10: true,
scriptDataOpts: true,
appendChildSlotFix: false,
cloneNodeFix: false,
slotChildNodesFix: true,

buildEs5: 'prod' was also set in the config since this example needs to support legacy browsers. See the buildEs5 config for more information.


By default, the slot polyfill does not update appendChild() so that it appends new child nodes into the correct child slot like how shadow dom works. This is an opt-in polyfill for those who need it.


By default, the runtime does not polyfill cloneNode() when cloning a component that uses the slot polyfill. This is an opt-in polyfill for those who need it.


Include the CSS Custom Property polyfill/shim for legacy browsers.

A result of this being set to false is that you will need to manually provide "fallback" properties to legacy builds. For example, in the css below, the css variable will not be polyfilled for IE11, so the developer will manually need to provide a fallback just before the css variable. If the app does not need to support IE11 it's recommended to leave cssVarsShim set to the default value of false.

div {
color: blue; /* Used by IE */
color: var(--color); /* Used by modern browsers */


Dynamic import() shim. This is only needed for Edge 18 and below, and Firefox 67 and below. If you do not need to support Edge 18 and below (Edge before it moved to Chromium) then it's recommended to set dynamicImportShim to false. Defaults to false.


In some cases, it can be difficult to lazily load Stencil components in a separate project that uses a bundler such as Vite.

This is an experimental flag that, when set to true, will allow downstream projects that consume a Stencil library and use a bundler such as Vite to lazily load the Stencil library's components.

In order for this flag to work:

  1. The Stencil library must expose lazy loadable components, such as those created with the dist output target
  2. The Stencil library must be recompiled with this flag set to true

This flag works by creating dynamic import statements for every lazily loadable component in a Stencil project. Users of this flag should note that they may see an increase in their bundle size.

Defaults to false.


Dispatches component lifecycle events. By default these events are not dispatched, but by enabling this to true these events can be listened for on window. Mainly used for testing.

Event NameDescription
stencil_componentWillLoadDispatched for each component's componentWillLoad.
stencil_componentWillUpdateDispatched for each component's componentWillUpdate.
stencil_componentWillRenderDispatched for each component's componentWillRender.
stencil_componentDidLoadDispatched for each component's componentDidLoad.
stencil_componentDidUpdateDispatched for each component's componentDidUpdate.
stencil_componentDidRenderDispatched for each component's componentDidRender.


Safari 10 supports ES modules with <script type="module">, however, it did not implement <script nomodule>. When set safari10 is set to false, the runtime will not patch support for Safari 10. If the app does not need to support Safari 10, it's recommended to set this to false. Defaults to false.


An experimental flag that when set to true, aligns the behavior of invoking the textContent getter/setter on a scoped component to act more like a component that uses the shadow DOM. Specifically, invoking textContent on a component will adhere to the return values described in MDN's article on textContent. Defaults to false.


It is possible to assign data to the actual <script> element's data-opts property, which then gets passed to Stencil's initial bootstrap. This feature is only required for very special cases and rarely needed. When set to false it will not read this data. Defaults to false.


If enabled true, the runtime will check if the shadow dom shim is required. However, if it's determined that shadow dom is already natively supported by the browser then it does not request the shim. Setting to false will avoid all shadow dom tests. If the app does not need to support IE11 or Edge 18 and below, it's recommended to set shadowDomShim to false. Defaults to false.


For browsers that do not support shadow dom (IE11 and Edge 18 and below), slot is polyfilled to simulate the same behavior. However, the host element's childNodes and children getters are not patched to only show the child nodes and elements of the default slot. Defaults to false.